Full Stack

Full Stack

These 5 Skills Are What Every Full Stack Developer Needs

In the world of computer programming, things are moving at a lightning pace
and it can be argued that above everything, the skill of learning is the most
valuable that any full stack developer should possess.

For those of you thinking that learning isn’t a skill when was the last time
that you committed yourself to learning something brand new without a
lot of guidance from tutors or teachers?

As with most things in the programming world, the theory is generally more
valuable than the exact ‘how’. Take programming languages, for example
although React and Angular may be quite different, knowing the basics of
how they work, the fundamentals of Functional Reactive Programming, in
this case, go a long way.

Full Stack Adaptability Is Key

Being able to be adaptable and work on the fly is a crucial skill that every full stack developer needs. The term “this is how we’ve always done it” should be banned from every meeting and instead replaced with “this is what we can build on”.

Learning the theory behind something is not the same as putting it into practice, and saying you have the theory, so you don’t need the practice is equally as unhelpful. When both go hand in hand, the developer is powerful.

Here are five top skills that every full stack developer should possess and should actively work to improve every day.

Problem Solving

Being a full stack developer is about solving problems. Identifying a problem, proposing a solution, designing the solution, testing the solution, and giving feedback as to whether it worked or not. Being good at problem-solving (an ‘out of the box’ thinker) will speed this process up tenfold.


The second of the soft skills needed by full stack developers is the art of communication. Once you’ve seen the problem and you think you have the answer, how will you communicate that to your team to ensure that everyone is on the same page? Communication and critical thinking are one of the same when it comes to development.

Functional Programming Skills

Being skilled in both functional programming concepts and functional reactive programming concepts is absolutely vital. A good understanding of how steams and behaviors impact the language of events and UI frameworks is an important skill to master when it comes to your approach to programming.

Full Stack – The Basics of Networking

This might be something that isn’t always considered when it comes to full stack developer skills, but it is just as vital as the others mentioned. Having a good working knowledge of the basics of networking will serve you well, as networking is the foundation of connected apps and services.

Understanding the back-end is vital, but having a good grounding in the entire process and how your role fits in with this is incredibly useful.

Type Systems

Understanding the very basis of the logic of programming is vital in full stack development, and the type system is the set of rules at the core, the logical system.

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